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Friday, July 29, 2011

Keyword Research Using Keyword Tool

Keyword Research Using Keyword Tool – On tutorial about how to know the number of competition and number of searching on search engine has been written on Google about keyword tool uses. Now will be explained step by step about keyword tool uses.
Keyword Research

Before you decide to buy a domain or giving a name to your blog in blogspot, would be better if you doing some research about the goal target through your blog. The main keyword research is necessary to be done so what you have built to your blog will not be in vain in future.
Main Keyword Preparation

First of all, you have to prepare the main keyword for your blog. There would be different on each others, for example, if you have an online store with specialized in selling shoes, then shoes as the keyword, and if it is sandals store, then sandal must be the keyword, etc. however, those keywords are not allowed yet to be used as keyword, need some research to know the competitors and how many peoples will search using the keyword.

What you have to remember is:

The number of the competitors must be as small as possible, and the number of peoples looking for must be as much as possible.

Kang Rohman has described about on his last post, please to read it when you missed it.

Google Keyword Tool Uses

Now try to do research using keyword tool from Google, Google AdWords Keyword Tool. Here are the steps:

For more accurate results, I suggest you to login first or you can change the language, it will help you to understand. 

Enter the Keyword you interest for research, you can apply more than one keyword on the form below the text: word or phrase (one per line). 

Tick off on: only show ideas closely related to my search terms. To avoid widened results. 

Click the advanced options to choose the language for each country you want to 

Re- write the letter that appear on image. And then click the “search” button. 

See the result. 


As we know named research needs time and energy, as well as keyword research needs time and energy. On keyword research, beside your tool, there something important that we must take a note is need your creativity to search/ find the right keyword. To find/ search the right keyword need more than once or twice trial, but try some various keywords to find the best result.

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Identify The Number Of Competitors And Search

Identify the number of competitors and search - In SEO learning this time Kang Rohman is trying to write how to identify the number of competitors and search in Google search engine.
Number Of Competitors And Search In Search Engine

What is the amount of competitor? The amounts of competitor are the number of competitor or rivalry for a keyword in search engine. How do we know the number of competition? It so easy to know it because every time we do a search on Google search engine, it will be automatically give you the amount of competition for that keyword.

Now please try to search with “blogspot tutorial” as the keyword, the following result are illustrate examples:

The picture that was given a red circle written about 60,600,000 results (0.10 seconds). It means the amount of competition or rivalry for the “blogspot tutorial” keyword as much as 60,600,000. In other words, there are as many as 60,600,000 websites and blogs use the keywords which recorded by Google. It so easy how to know the competitor, isn’t it?

What is the number of searches? Number of searches is how many peoples searching for the keyword in search engine, generally the number of searches are written in a monthly scale.

Where we know the averages number of searches? For this time, we need some help from tool. In this case as it written in yesterday’s post about the niche, we will use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool.

Now you can try to visit Google AdWords Keywords Tool page and write the “blogspot tutorial” keyword, and the result:

As seen as the searches for “blogspot tutorial” keyword are 14800 per month for the global search (across the world) and 1300 for local search. so, if your blog relay on “blogspot tutorial” keyword with a target ofUnited States visitors, the opportunity to obtain traffic is around 1300 visitors per month. Even your blog is at the top position on search engine, and the visitors were attracted to visit your blog (but this rarely happens). However, the number of searches will continue to change time to time.

That’s mean number 1300 just a suggestion and not a definite number, but this could be a little picture for us in determining the keyword in the chase.
The Competition Is Inversely Related Searches

In planning the main keyword in the blog, we must to estimate the number of competition and the searches. What you have to remember is

"The number of searches must look great in number, and the number of competitor should be small".

This means the numbers of competitions are inversely proportional with the searches.

The greater amount of competition will be more difficult to our blog to be a winner in search engine. However, although we are now ranks 1st on Google, would be in vain if no one is looking for.

So, please do some research before you decide to find the main target with specific keyword.

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Niche Keyword, Niche Blog, What Is That?

Niche Keyword, Niche Blog - What is Niche? If you were active in blogosphere for long time, maybe you have heard what is Niche Keyword, Niche Blog, Niche Market, etc.

Even Kang Rohman got little puzzled to explain about the Niche, but seems the discussions about Niche are very important. So, it will not be a trouble if reckless in explanation I guess.

Niche is a focused and specific thing. Niche keyword are specific keyword, Niche blog is a blog that tells something specific rather than general. Niche market is a target market which is aimed specifically.

In order not to be confusing, I take Shoes as the example keyword. As seen as Niche’s point, shoes are not qualified yet because it is still common. And which considered as Niche? Which is more specific suchOriginal Futsal Shoes, Adidas Futsal Shoes, etc.

A blog with a specific discussion has it own target visitors, and more often easier to get aimed visitors rather than general blogs. The most important thing that we must take a note is that we must selective in choosing a Niche, what niche are peoples most look for and less competitors in search engine. To know all of it, you should to do research using keyword research tool. Those tools are many in internet in paid or free.

The most used free tools for keyword research is Google AdWords Keyword Tool.

For other tools, you just search it on Google with some keywords like “Keyword Tool”, “Keyword Suggestion Tool”, etc..

The discussion about keyword research using Google AdWords Keyword Tool will be discussed at the next post.

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Google Webmaster Guidelines

Google Webmaster Guidelines - The number of search engines on internet is so numerous, thousands or perhaps tens of thousands. Does our blog need to optimize to all search engines? Even Kang Rohman himself focus on Google only as the biggest search engine.

Why should focus on one search engine only, and not to all search engines? Because each search engines has algorithm itself. Just wasting time to understand the character of each search enginesbecause it need long time to do.

Why should pay attention on Google and not others such as Yahoo or Bing? This is only an option, if you want to focus on Yahoo optimization, go on, if you want to focus on Bing optimization, go ahead.
What Is Google Webmaster Guidelines

Google prefers users with rules of the game. In this case, Google has provided specifically page contains the direction for the webmaster, what to do and what not to do.

This page named Webmaster Guidelines.

To visit the Webmaster Guidelines, please go to:

There are lot of reliable informations which Google made itself, so read carefully all the guidelines they have wrote so you don’t get any trouble with Google in future.

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Learning SEO On Page And SEO Off Page

Learning SEO On Page and SEO Off Page - In SEO system there’s terms of SEO On Page and SEO OFF Page. Both are two factors you must to learn if you want to succeed in search engine optimization rivalry.

SEO On Page

SEO On Page are search engine optimization techniques performed blog or website in question.

Here some of few SEO On Page applications:

1. The use of domain name
2. Blog title
3. Post title
4. Description
5. Utilizing of headings (H1, H2, H3, etc)
6. Utilizing of bold, italic, underline word, etc
7. Internal linking (link to other posts page on blog)
8. Accelerating blog access time 
9. The use of tag alt on every images
10. Etc.

SEO Off Page

SEO Off Page are search engine optimization techniques form which undertaken outside of the blogs or websites on purposed.

Could SEO be done outside of the blogs that are in optimization? Yes it can and should be done.

Some examples of SEO Off Page:
  • Back link from other blogs or websites
  • submit sitemap to webmaster tools
  • ping
Back link is an attach to you blog or website from others. A back link as well as recommendation, the more you recommended then your blog will get more attention from search engine.

I take an illustration, when we are in general election, say a village head election for example. To elect the chief of the village, first of all we must observe his track record as a candidate, his social behave and attitude, how to speaks and so forth.

Apart from the factors of himself, must of us will se behind supporting the candidate. The more endorsement (sometimes we also consider the amount as well during the campaign) then we sometimesdrift to participate to support as well. Beside of the amount of supporters, more often we also considering who is supporting the candidate, community leaders for example. More and more community leader’s supports, then it will be more trusted candidate.

In this context, search engine will see the back link not only in terms of quantity, but in terms of quality of those links. The more you get links from reputable websites (trusted sites), then certainly you will increasingly be prioritized by search engine.

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How To Change The Template For Blogger Newbies

At this opportunity, I will discuss about how to change template in blogger.com. First matter to be in considering in changing template is you have to make a backing up your old template, this good for if you feeling not match with your newly template. if you not yet known the way to back up template, please read at the post how to backup template, and also don't forget to back up your widgets (this is very important). For back up your widgets, please read at the post how to backup your widgets. 

To change the template, of course you must had a new template to uploaded. If still not yet had, you can download for free template at Bloger templates or at other sites. Have ready for changing your old template with newly template? Please follow the steps below : 

1. Login to blogger with your ID
2. After entering the dasboard page , click Layout.
3. Then click edit HTML tab
4. Click the Download full template link. Save your template:
5. Click browse... button. Choose your new template. and then click Upload button.

Usually go out commemoration that your data in your widgets will be delete forever (so don't forget tobackup your widgets).
For example, the image will show like this : 

6. Click at Convirm & Save button.
7. Finish. Please look he result.

Now you have had the new face. However of course your template is still empty, So next step is inserting your widgets manually through page element menu. 

Enjoy your new blog face.

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The basic concept of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

This paper describes the basics of SEO. To master the SEO it helps you understand the basics of SEO. This paper I got from fellowblogger, then I translate into English. Please read : 

As Kang Rohman wrote in the previous that Blogspot Tutorial will be focused to study SEO (Search Engine Optimization) especially for bloggers/ BlogSpot users. I just want to skim someone’s opinions out there that blogger engine is not SEO friendly, it certainly not true because all get back to the engine users itself, whether to use blogger, Wordpress, Drupal, etc. If you didn’t understand how to apply various SEO techniques on the engine you used, it just a big zero.

Previously, Kang Rohman wants to instill the basic concepts of SEO that you should to remember, there are among others:
  1. Natural and think like human being
  2. Search engine indexes the blog content
  3. SEO is a competition
  4. SEO techniques is not only one
  5. Natural And Thinking Like Human Being

In research, there are similarities in pattern of thinking between search engine and human being, perhaps it because the programmer of search engine is indeed human being. Here are a few:

Search engine prefers blogs with original posting. In real world, other people’s act of piracy is consider unpleasant and it’s against all aspects of community, as well as search engine itself, it refers blogs with original contents than those with other blogs copied from another resources or in other word copy paste.
Don’t like to be deceived. In SEO there is term named Black Hat SEO, that is SEO optimize which applies search engine deception technique for examples hidden text, hidden link, keyword repetition, etc. which basically are deception techniques, and some of techniques that are not desirable by the search engine.
Glad to informative blogs. Many people pay attention to others just because the others often to put forward some useful information, as well as personal or especially for public. Search engine is the same.
Do not like excessive. Only few peoples who like overact behavior, as well as search engine it doesn’t like overload blogs.

Like the recommended blogs by many parties. Search engine would like the recommendation, in this case is given a backlink by other blogs. Backlink in blogosphere is like recommendation or endorsement.
And many others

Search Engine Indexes The Blogs Content

All you have to bear in SEO that is search engine indexes the entire contents in our blog and as the search engine consideration to prioritized your blog position.

Maybe you have heard of SEO tips before in choosing a domain name , at least one keyword from your blog’s main topic, the post tittle should contain the target keyword, the first paragraph should contain the target keyword. Or maybe you have heard about “Content Is the King”, it’s not apart from the search engine has indexes what you have provide in blog and forward it in search engine.

An illustration, I tried to write the “Blogspot Tutorial” keyword in Google search engine, and here are the results:

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